If Molinos decides to develop an idea after the initial evaluation, we will work with the innovator to define the economic benefits. At this point, both parties will agree on the economic benefits that the innovator will receive once the established results have been achieved and all conditions have been met.

This document (contract) will clearly describe the responsibilities of both parties; the stages of the project, and the objectives that must be met by the invention to receive the agreed benefits.

Moreover, Molinos guarantees the confidentiality of the information received. The idea assessment procedure has two steps:

1-The person sending in an idea must use the contact form to send only preliminary data which enables an initial evaluation of his/her proposal. The applicant should not provide key information about the invention but should indicate the benefits it could contribute to our areas of interest

Molinos will evaluate the preliminary information received and if it determines that the idea is innovative (it will not be considered innovative if it is something already known or currently being developed), the applicant will receive a response from Molinos within 60 days