At Molinos, we aim to increase the quality of our products and make our processes more efficient. In addition, we strive to meet the highest international standards of food security and environmental protection in order to ensure a better future for us all.

To achieve these objectives, we believe it is important to bring together everyone who has innovative ideas to contribute. This is why we developed the Open Innovation Plan.

We are well aware that brilliant ideas can come from across the world—from individuals, companies, suppliers, research facilities and universities  that could be applied to our areas of interest.

Our Open Innovation Plan will enable us to contact and work with the creators of these innovative ideas worldwide. As part of this plan, the intellectual property of inventors will be protected and adequate economic benefits will be defined in advance if it is determined that the project can be executed on an industrial scale.

We have research and development facilities that fulfill the highest international standards as well as a trained and qualified team to provide project support. This support covers the resolution of daily issues regarding project financing, the construction of prototypes and factory trials, tests,a feasibility studies and detailed engineering solutions for the application of the project on an industrial scale.

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