Molinos Río de la Plata S.A is one of the leading food industry companies in South America and a major exporter of branded food products to more than fifty countries around the world. Moreover, it is one of the key actors in soybean processing and soy derivatives commercialization.

With 110 years of experience, the company bases its strategy on two pillars: brand development on local and international markets and participation in the global oilseed complex.

In terms of branded products business, Molinos has thirteen leading brands that are chosen by consumers every day. It is one of the most important producers of foodstuffs in Argentina with its brands Lucchetti, Matarazzo and Don Vicente (pasta); Granja del Sol (frozen foods); Cocinero and Lira (cooking and salad oil); Exquisita (baking mixes); Gallo (rice); Vieníssima (hot dogs) and Preferido (breadcrumbs).

Molinos is also a key player in the global oilseed complex: it boasts an annual soybean milling capacity of 6 million tons that will soon rise to 7.8 million tons. This business is successfully developed on seven platforms: oil and meal trade, biodiesel, soybean and sunflower origination, special oils, production on owned and rented farms, animal feed and agricultural supplies.

The company has 20 industrial plants located throughout the country, 10 warehouses, 11 distribution centers and a team of 5,000 collaborators.

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