An innovative prebiotic eliminates salmonella from soybean meal.

Salmonella contamination is a huge issue in the poultry industry due to the pathogenic effects these bacteria have in humans (salmonellosis). Since soybean meal is used for poultry feed, it is one of the vectors that can contain the bacteria.
Molinos soybean meal is exported to more 50 countries worldwide, reaching international markets with the strictest quality regulations.
As part of the Open Innovation Plan, an Argentine entrepreneur presented a laboratory development in which a group of bacteria harmless to both animals and people could get rid of salmonella colonies.
Molinos signed a contract with the entrepreneur to establish the economic benefits he would receive in case all the agreed results were achieved.
The pilot tests were carried out with industrial-scale soybean meal, yielding extraordinary results.
Every stage of the project was successful and the application of this biological solution protects the soybean meal from salmonella contamination for a period of 180 days.

A patent was obtained for the invention and a plant was built in order to treat all the soybean meal produced by Molinos. This innovation in quality assurance has been recognized and praised by many international clients It is a successful project with great potential that profited the entrepreneur while allowing Molinos to ensure its clients salmonella-free soybean meal.